Linear simplifies online banking for financial institutions and small businesses.

Tech, Branding

Year: 2020

Timeline: 1.5 Months

Team Size: 5

Color wheel highlighting purple and green hues

Linear is the result of two companies merging. By collaborating with the product team to create a brand audit for both companies, we were able to define common trends to avoid and discover opportunities worth exploring. For example, researching color usage within the financial tech industry.

Three different art direction for the Linear brand

The initial three art directions designed for Linear. We explored a breadth of options before deciding whether we should go with the flow or push against the tide.

Linear logotype and logomark

The box formed with the L and I is representative of our modular platform approach. On a technical level, it alludes to the brand's grid system and can be abbreviated into a scalable logomark.

The final Linear logo is subtle in its simplicity. Its strength lies in setting the foundation for the viewer to visualize their own journey forward with Linear.

Linear stationery layout grid

The brand’s grid system is as important as the logo, keeping all brand content identifiable, consistent, and clear.

Linear brand guidelines