Metric is a coffee roaster centered around sourcing, transparency and sustainability.

Beverage, Branding, Web Design, Packaging Design

Year: 2020, 2021

Timeline: 2 Years

Team Size: 1 (and many collaborators)

Metric logo over a video of Metric's roaster
Array of Metric 12oz bags
Shelves lined Metric 120oz bags
Barista pouring coffee into a Metric paper cup

We learned that both Metric and Something Else share similar values in our work ethics. Chicago's known for humble, hard workers with high standards, so we used that as an entry point for the new identity.

The logotype conveys Metric's standards for high quality coffee and its unpretentious voice. It can stand on its own both in the spotlight or as a footnote. The branding is flexible and can work across several packaging applications. For example, the bag labels use a custom grid that can be scaled to any size. They include the map coordinates for the roastery, or for single origin coffees, the location of the farm.

Close up of label text on 12oz Metric bags

“After many years of struggling to find our voice through retail packaging and brand identity, we have finally arrived at a place where the quality of our sourcing compliments the beauty of the design”
— Darko Arandjelovic, Metric Coffee’s Co-Owner

Hand holding Metric-branded coffee mug
Jeremy Allen White standing next to a bag of Metric

Metric featured on season one of FX’s The Bear (2022)

Metric tote bag
Metric hat
Metric bottled lattes

Our goal for the rebrand was to create a timeless visual foundation that Metric can use moving forward through out their product offering. They love working with local artists, and this identity allows them to stay on brand while integrating any style.

Metric website design for desktop
Metric website design for mobile

Modicum is Metric Coffee’s small batch line of limited and rare coffee varieties.

Metric modicum box design

The exterior box is made of natural, recycled paper, while the interior coffee bag serves a literal visual metaphor for Metric’s dedication to transparency and sustainability.

Metric Modicum star logo
Back of Metric Modicum box

The Modicum logo contains small, intricate abstract stars that make up a greater whole. The gestalt implies how each release is special and how every piece is integral to creating this exceptional product.

Inner Modicum Bag, a transparent bag with the Metric logo on the left
Detail photo of the roasted beans in the clear Metric bag

Metric Coffee’s Cold Brew is made with washed coffees from direct partnerships in Central and South America.

Photo of Metric Cold brew cans
Metric cold brew can rotating in place
Photo of Metric cold brew 12oz can
Someone pouring Metric cold brew into a glass
Metric cold brew motorcycle

Metric partnered with their Chicago neighbor, Federal Moto, to custom build a cold brew side car. Attached to a refurbished 1972 Honda CB350, the side car houses a removable cooler for cans and two taps for nitro and regular cold brew.

Photograph of Metric cold brew can and Metric hat