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Fashion, Game, Music, Social, Beverage, Branding

Year: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Jupiter Nights logo for Basilica Hudson

Jupiter Nights is a weekly event series celebrating local art, music, and poetry, hosted in Basilica Hudson’s gallery space. (Basilica Hudson, 2022)

Real Fantasy logo

Real Fantasy is a magazine about interpersonal connections formed in virtual worlds. (Studio-initiated, 2019)

Logo for Scratch Disk

Scratch Disk: Temporary Memory, a logo for anyone that’s used Adobe Photoshop. (Studio-initiated, 2023)

Logo for Studio Chyr

Studio Chyr is a game studio focused on creating video games focused on puzzles, architecture, and optical illusions. (Studio Chyr, 2023)

Email header for SOC Soundsystem

SOC Soundsystem is a monthly newsletter that covers historic events involving sonic warfare. (Shannon Nico Shreibak, 2020)

Logo for Laila Textiles

Laila Textiles is a plant dyed silk & apparel company. (Laila Textiles, 2020)

Logo for Skin Deep

Skin Deep is first-person shooter and stealth game developed by Blendo Games. (Annapurna Interactive, 2021)

Logo for The Lost Wild

The Lost Wild a first-person survival horror game developed by Great Ape Games. (Annapurna Interactive, 2021)

Logo for the Games and Online Harassment Hotline

The Games and Online Harassment Hotline is a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline. (Feminist Frequency, 2019)

Logo for Butter Wellness

Butter is a sexual wellness company centered around education, innovation, and approachability. (Butter Wellness, 2023)

Logo for Cocoon

Cocoon, a puzzle adventure game developed by Geometric Interactive. (Annapurna interactive, 2022)

Logo for Blaseball's Short Circuits series

Logo for Blaseball's Short Circuits season. (The Game Band, 2022)

Logo for Quiet Enjoyment

Quiet Enjoyment is a shared co-working space among friends. (Studio-initiated, 2022)

Logo for Drone Rodeo

Logo for StretchMetal’s Drone Rodeo residency program. (StretchMetal, 2024)

Logo for Proper Work

Proper is a brand strategy consultancy specializing in new business pitches, and direct consulting. (Proper Work, 2022)

Logo for 1.21

1.21 is a film production company based out of Los Angeles. (1.21, 2019)